In over ten years of activity, Anglo Lombarda has gained extensive experience in risk cover for companies operating in the field of aquaculture, especially when it comes to covering the biomass and equipment.

Following the agreements reached among Anglo Lombarda and four different Insurers, we can provide you with a full range of choices.

The faultless wording and the competitive premium are its strong points.

Following is a short list of the more interesting benefits:

  • All Risks cover;
  • Cover of fish illness;
  • Cover for both open sea and land based fish farms;
  • Cover of biomass death due to water pollution.

To provide you with all of the necessary details, Anglo Lombarda can send a technical/insurance consultant to meet with you directly.

Our experts are available to explain the details and provide all information.

They will also be available to follow all dealings, and, in case of a loss, the process of claim settlement.